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Your ideal love in Borghese Gallery

Be surprised by your emotions.

The management of the Galleria Borghese has decided to select
the best advertising agency among many to promote the intimate soul of the masterpieces of our Gallery, which is “Love”. ♥

The idea is to attract new visitors by spreading the feelings
that our unique art works will inspire in people in love with art … and what a better and funny way to do it than through the social media, Facebook and Instagram?
It’ s not easy at all !

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Will you be the protagonist of the advertising campaign of Borghese Gallery?
Our Director of Borghese Gallery will nourish your imagination with hidden clues and
unexpected stories on fabulous artworks and historical families.

You will get several keys to
interpret the wonders of Borghese Gallery that you can use for other works of art too!

We will present you with a challenge!
The challenge will be to put your mind, your creativity and your heart, to live the emotion of art
and translate it into a personal successful advertising campaign!

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So be in time at Borghese Gallery!

We bring our knowledge and experience and we are looking for your vibrant creativity!
Our Museum Director is waiting for you with a special pass to your imagination!

Let's venture together in our art daydream to fully recharge our energy! 

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<< Our campaign is getting sold out quickly | Book asap your tickets! >>

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Susannetta Concierge

di Susanna Milani, P.I.11676951004