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Fireworks in Pompei

Vulcano in Pompei

"This experience in Naples is part of my wider project of a journey into the history of Western art, which will then merge into a major exhibition that I will keep in the Forbidden City of Beijing.
From the Pushkin Museum in Moscow to the Prado in Madrid, up to my solo exhibition in these days still in progress at the Uffizi Gallery in Firenze, I am following a path that connect me with the Renaissance, Mannerism, the Baroque, but also Impressionism and the avant-gardes.
But here, in Pompeii - Parco Archeologico, I found my starting point: the Greco-Roman collections of the Archaeological Museum and the extraordinary treasure of ancient Pompeii ".

Cai Guo-Qiang 蔡國强,
the Chinese artist will be the protagonist in a double artistic event week:

in the Ampitheatre, Scavi Di Pompeii we will admire the «Explosion Studio» with fireworks and large works «drawn» with gunpowder and inspired by the topoi of classical iconography,
re-proposing a sort of eruption of Vesuvio, a series of explosions will cite the tragic dynamic but revisited in a vital key, as a poetic action that narrates the destruction and at the same time the rebirth (in the explosions small artifacts will be involved arranged on a canvas of thirty meters that will remain "marked" in an indelible way).

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On Friday,
the exhibition "In the Volcano" will be inaugurated at Mann (vernissage at 4.30 pm) where not only the results of the pyrotechnic performance of the previous day will be exhibited,
but also a series of other works that tell the indissoluble link between the past and present, relating to the masterpieces of the Farnese collection, with Pompeian frescoes and mosaics and of course the erotic section of the museum, for which the artist has prepared themed drawings, with a seductive circle of figurative figures inspired by an ideal Kamasutra.

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