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San Giuseppe Bigne'

The first sign of Spring

One of the few sweet recipes of Lazio.

The legend refers to the origin of this cake to the Liberalia celebrations.

These festivities paid homage to the gods who were dispensers of wine and wheat, and in rural locations, such Lavinio, 30 min close to Rome, they lasted throughout the month of March.

To pay homage to Bacchus and Silenus, the tutor and companion of the god's goblets, wine flowed in rivers: to make the grain gods greedy, wheat fritters were fried.

During these days, sixteen-year-olds your boys were celebrated since they entered the adult age in all respects by wearing the toga virilis for the first time. To know more about Liberalia feasts click here.

Needless to say that in these festivities rivers of wine were drunk and wheat pancakes cooked in boiling lard or fried were also served.
I love these caloric treats because they are the first sign of Spring as they are made for Father's Day on March 19th, S. Giuseppe ( Saint Joseph ).

It's easy to get addicted, because of their goodness, but be careful, since they are really heavy.
My friend Ilaria got the recipe for puff pastry from the blog of one of my white art masters: Paola Sersante.

Here is the recipe
We cannot fail to mention a doggerel that Nonna Violetta used always to repeat to Ilaria,

of which we only remember few words:

“San Giuseppe vecchiarello metti fuoco ar tuo mantello pe scardà er bambinello,
pe fallo diventà grande e grosso
pe imparaje er Padre Nostro”

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