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Ronciglione's carnival

One of the oldest Carnival in Central Italy.

The festival is the result of a deep-rooted tradition, which dates back to the Roman Renaissance and Baroque carnival.

Ronciglione is a city in the province of Viterbo, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from Viterbo.

The city is located in the Monti Cimini, over two tuff scarps, on the slope of the former volcano crater now housing the Lake Vico, therefore you could imagine how AMAZING NATURE is there.

Ronciglione is known for its Carnival, a derivative of the Renaissance Carnival of Rome, with its typical "empty races" in which the horses are left to run without riders.

The city is divided into 9 districts, named "contrade" which contend for the "Palio of the Manna" like in Siena.

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The city authorities and the Carnival deliver the keys of the City of Ronciglione to King's Carnival and his patroness escorted by a squadron of Hussars.

The parade of the Hussars that occurs annually in the festivities, recalls an episode occurred at the time of French rule.

According to tradition, a captain of the French hussars, in service to Ronciglione in defense of the Papal State, to impress a woman he had fallen in love with several times dragged the head of his dragons.
The Ronciglionese Carnival is inserted among the Italian historical ones and is distinguished by its playful character, the desire for entertainment among music, dances and colors, the love for traditions and the desire to enhance local historical roots.

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