• Itineraries in and out of Rome

    Happiness is a lot like riding a bicycle.

    You have to be gentle and feel your way into the process, and then reduce analysis, rumination and questioning as you are

    gliding along – or bombing down mountain trails!


    And yet you have to practice.

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    Open your mind

    It's the only way to make it work.

    a. Caffarella

    b. Appia Antica

    c. Insugherata

    d. Pineto

    e. Monte Mario

    f.Decima Malafede

    g.Veio's park

    h.Castel Fusano



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    Celebrate your free time.

    1. Circeo

    2. Veio's park

    3. Farnese

    4. Semprevisa

    5. Tolfa


    7. Abandoned railway

    8.Tarquinia Tuscania

    9.Rocca Respamani

    10. Celleno

In Rome with us

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