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Marathon in Rome 7th April

A wonderful running experience among the marvels of Rome.

The historic Maratona di Roma race will call thousands of runners on March 19th 8:30 am at the Colosseum to run through the cobbled charming streets flanked by magnificent monuments and white Basilica

For this unique sporting event in the world, I propose an extraordinary running experience with my friend, professional marathoner .

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What we will do
We meet at 6:30AM at Circo Massimo metro stop.
Be dynamic, open your heart to catch all the marvels and epic views and...you are ready to start our fabulous one hour and a half running tour!
We will jog through extraordinary places, along the sacred areas and the imperial architectures where Rome built its ancient glory.
The Circus Maximus, the Baths of Caracalla, the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, the feet of the Capitoline Hill, the Mouth of Truth will be on the circular itinerary, up to the top of the Aventine Hill, with its world- renowned mysterious key-hole and its scenic Orange Garden.
It will be an absorbing time, a special time that you will consecrate to yourself and your well-being, away
from crowds, lines and noise. Imagine running as the sunlight starts illuminating the fronds of the pine trees, the top of monumental imperial complexes, and the surface of white shining marbles and changing minute after minute the appearance of palaces and parks and the aspect of the whole city.
It will be an experience you will never forget, concluded with a nice and relaxing chat in front of a delicious
Italian breakfast with coffee and pastries.

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Info about your host Fabrizio
I am a native Roman and a passionate runner and I do love jogging through the city as the day rises and
proceeds. Nothing is comparable to the magic of Rome in the early morning light, with its hundred thousand different atmospheres and colours.
In 2015 I took part to the New York City Marathon thanks to Airbnb and had such a great time that I decided to bring the experience home and continue it some way.
Since then, I have been sharing many fascinating runs through the eternal city with my guests and proudly
making them discover the most striking features of its beauty and its most hidden gems.
Run with me and you will catch the greatest memories of your trip to Rome!

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Bring a change of clothes to wear after the run is done.

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Susannetta Concierge

di Susanna Milani, P.I.11676951004