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Gianicolo hill

Discover the eighth hill of Rome.

The city gate dedicated to the Roman God Giano, protector of the entrances.

Overview: Explore one of the most romantic place of Rome. With its breathtaking view that stands out against the city, Gianicolo is a very pleasant area for walking.

How to get there: Bus: 64 from Termini railway station + 15 min walk. How to get there !

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Highlight: Everyday, you can hear the shot of the cannon at noon sharp from the terrace where you will find the monumental bronze equestrian statute of Garibaldi. On Gianicolo's hill, many busts adorn the boulevard, they depicting italian and foreign patriots who fought during Risorgimento to unify Italy 1861.

Gianicolo is also famous for its bucolic atmosphere that you can discover walking through the Botanical Garden. With its variety of flowers, the Garden is ideal to get away from the hectic city.

Placed on the top of Gianicolo, Villa Lante is a precious Renaissance artistic and architectural jewel to be discovered. Gianicolo becomes every Sunday theater of a show with an ancient flavor: The Gianicolo Puppet Theater, stages the masks of the “Commedia dell'Arte”. The little green cottage, located near the panoramic terrace, comes alive at the weekend when the children gaten in Gianicolo's square. The cottage shutters open and the show begin !

Crossing Gianicolo, you can find out the perfectly preserved Catacomb of San Pancrazio, one of the first martyr of the Christian community of Rome.
Overlooked on a breathtaking view, you will discover the Acqua Paola's Fountain, better known as “fontanone del Gianicolo”.

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Botanical Garden: 8€ - discounted 4€ - Free Children up to 6 years old |

Opening times: March-Oct: 9.00- 18.30 ( Sunday Closed) | Nov- Feb: 9.00- 17.30 (Sunday Closed)

Villa Lante: free Entrance

Opening times: 8.30- 12.00 ( Monday Closed, Tu - Fri)

San Pancrazio's Catacomb: free Entrance | free Offer

Opening times: Group tours max 20 people | Thur-Tue: 9.30- 10.30- 11.30| Wed: 9.30-10.30-11.30- 16.30- 17.30

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Taking a ride on a Scooter in Rome will be the greatest emotion that you ever had: the warm light caresses the monuments, the wind moves through the trees and refreshes our faces ... Put some sparkling adventure in your holiday !


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